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What is NAFAC?

National Association for Ambulatory Urgent Care

Since 1973, the National Association for Ambulatory Urgent Care has been an organization committed to helping Health Care Professionals open new clinics or become Nationally Certified through NAFAC Urgent Care Certification and thrive in the changing world of urgent and convenience healthcare. There are many benefits to membership in NAFAC. Click here to learn more!

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NAFAC is proud to support three excellent organizations that produce large national conventions annually:

American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine

Urgent Care Association of America

Why Become a NAFAC member?

The National Association for Ambulatory Care (NAFAC) is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of urgent and convenience care and ambulatory care medicine in the United States and North America.  The organization provides support to entities involved in practicing urgent care medicine - the fastest growing sector of ambulatory healthcare in the United States.